Sqore joins the Pact4Youth to get more skilled individuals into the workforce

In a highly competitive market, employing top talent is a key priority for all organizations. Skilled labor is readily available if you look for it in the right way. Sqore is now joining forces with CSR Sweden in the Pact4Youth, a CSR Europe initiative aiming to get more youths on to the labor market.

The Pact4Youth’s vision is to secure equal opportunities for youths to obtain an education, find work and to start their own business. Today, youths are marginalized due to factors such as heritage or lack of formal education. However, a diverse background and skills acquired through other means than a traditional university education can be as valuable to practical work duties than knowledge gained at school. It can also provide an additional boost for innovation and entrepreneurship, drivers of economic growth.

“We see great synergies between the mission of Sqore and the Pact4Youth, and are excited to work together for higher inclusion and for giving skilled individuals the opportunity to find work,” says Niklas Jungegård, CEO and co-founder of Sqore. “We’re committed to democratizing the labor market and removing bias from the recruitment process.”

On October 17, CSR Sverige and Fryshuset will assemble several organizations from both the public and private sector to participate in a Change Conference to set up an action plan for higher inclusion.

“I believe that by getting organizations from different sectors to work together we can achieve our common goals: getting youth into employment, promote new business, and encourage the right education,” says Marianne Bogle, Executive Director at CSR Sweden. “Today there are 14 organizations within the Swedish Pact4Youth, that are committed to working together long-term. We are going to have a variety of activities in future and hope that more companies, organizations, government agencies and institutions will come along.”


The Pact for Youth is a mutual engagement of business and the European Union leaders. Initiated by CSR Europe, it brings together representatives for business, education and youth, and the European institutions. The pact works to develop or consolidate partnerships in support of youth employability and inclusion.

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About Sqore
Based on the idea that every individual possesses the “X factor” if in the right environment, Sqore’s mission is to help people demonstrate their skills and make them count in the recruitment process. The Sqore solution incorporates the basic ideas of gamification into the sourcing and skills-assessment process, combining multi-channel marketing with engaging skills- and knowledge-focused challenges. This gives organizations a unique way to both reach candidates and assess whether they have what it takes to join their teams or programs.

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