Sqore a gold medalist in one of the biggest Innovation and Entrepreneurship competitions in the world

Sqore_Robert Lyngman at Internet+

The finals of the “Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition was recently held in Xi’an in China. The competition is supported by the Chinese government and, in an era of rapid technological and societal development, is considered an important initiative to promote growth through innovation and international collaboration among young talent and recent graduates.

“Internet+” is characterized by extremely high quality of submissions. Previous winners include billion dollar companies such as Ofo, a bike-sharing service that can be likened to an Uber for bikes. This year the competition attracted more than 1.5m participants and 377,000 separate entries. 150 of these entries were invited to present their solution at the finals in Xi’an, and 43 gold medals were awarded. Four of these were presented to non-Chinese companies, one of which was Swedish EdTech startup Sqore.

“We are thrilled that Sqore has been recognized on such a huge stage,” says Niklas Jungegård, co-founder and CEO at Sqore. “China is an interesting market that we’ve been tracking for a long time, and the fact that the jury of ‘Internet+’ has identified Sqore as one out of only four international solutions as winners in this competition is very exciting.”

Sqore increases efficiency in company recruitment and the university enrollment process, incorporating the basic ideas of gamification into the sourcing and skills-assessment process, combining multi-channel marketing with engaging skills- and knowledge-focused challenges. This gives organizations a unique way to both reach candidates and assess whether they have what it takes to join their teams or programs. With China’s scale of economy, this is a solution that has the potential to create great value for universities and companies alike and has the potential to revolutionize EdTech in the region – which something that the jury of “Internet+” picked up on.

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