Sqore to support Lapland UAS in attracting non-EU students in face of new tuition fees

Stockholm-based company Sqore has signed an agreement with the Lapland University of Applied Sciences (Lapland UAS) to support them in their efforts to attract foreign students outside of the EU/EEA to Finland.

Starting with the 2017/2018 academic year, anyone from outside the EU wanting to study in Finland will have to pay his or her own tuition fees.

As of 2015, Finland has more than 20,000 non-EU students enrolled in a university academic program.

“We partnered with Sqore.com because we believe in their competition recruitment method, and because of the strength of their experience from working with Swedish Universities when they were in a similar process of strong market changes” says Leena Alalääkkölä, Director of Business and Culture at Lapland UAS.

In 2011, Sweden saw the number of non-EU students drop by 75%, after applying a tuition fee policy for non-EU students. Although Swedish universities had expected a decrease in applications from outside the EU, and despite the preparation of counter measures, the extent of the decrease was a surprise.

“After five years of working with student attraction, we know what to expect. Now we’ll be able to help Finnish universities make sure they don’t experience such a dramatic drop in foreign applicants and students,” says Niklas Jungegård, CEO of Sqore.

More Finnish universities are becoming involved with Sqore, hoping to take advantage of their experience in this situation. The Finnish higher education system can take advantage of short and long-term lessons from Sweden’s recent experience. International students are looking not only at the education they can receive, but at the employment options open to them once they graduate. Sqore has made connecting graduating students with careers a priority, and sees this time as an opportunity for Finnish universities to strengthen and talk about their industry connections.

About Sqore

Sqore, based in Stockholm, specializes in global recruitment competitions that allow universities to recruit the best students, regardless of background. Their recruitment platform connects and engages global students to opportunity through skills-based competitions, giving companies and universities the necessary data to identify top performers. They currently have over 650,000 users, and hundreds of partners and clients; some notable clients include KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Chalmers University of Technology, University of Edinburgh, HEC Paris, London Business School, IBM, IKEA, and Autodesk.

About Lapland UAS

Founded January 2014, Lapland UAS is a Finnish University of applied sciences with campuses in Kemi, Tornio and Rovaniemi. Kemi and Tornio are in Finnish Sea Lapland, and Rovaniemi is close to the arctic circle. The school has 5,800 students and 470 employees. Lapland UAS refines expertise and vitality from the strengths and opportunities of a changing operating environment to meet the needs of northern people and organisations. They are pioneers in arctic expertise and an internationally recognised educator, developer and partner. Their values are trust, openmindedness, and sense of community.

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Download the  press release as a PDF in English.

Download the press release as a PDF in Finnish.